Providing Real Estate Investors A Platform For Success

The Creative Financing Real Estate Association™ is a driving force in empowering real estate investors to learn and master a way of doing real estate that breaks the conventional norms.


CFREA™ offers you the chance to build your expertise and position yourself as an expert that sellers, buyers, and other aspiring investors can rely on.




The CFREA™ certification is presented to any student who completes the Quantum Leap System with a passing grade in each module. This course has everything you’ll need to start buying and selling real estate on terms (without banks and without your own money or credit), learning the ins-and-outs of what it takes to do creative deals.


Accredited CFREA™ investors have not only gone through the certification process by completing the Quantum Leap System, but they’re also working within our community and guided by an experienced coach. This way, not only do they have the first-hand knowledge from our course, but also the support of a seasoned investor who understands how to best execute these creative deals.


We aren’t bankers or real estate agents selling homes for someone else. We are either the owners or have a legal equitable interest in the property. All the normal rules concerning credit, debt ratio, and proof of income are thrown out the window. Since we own the homes, we can be very creative with the financing and structure it to fit your needs.